Business Time Savers – The Amazon Dot and Echo

Amazon Echo Dot

Find out how the Amazon Dot can save you time and stress by doing small business jobs on command. Review of the Dot and Echo

What is a Sales Forecast? -How to Fill Yours with Inspiration

Sales Forecast

Without an accurate Sales Forecast you are flying blind. This short guide will help you to produce accurate and inspirational Sales Forecasts.

Includes an Excel based Sales Forecast Form

Sole Trader vs Limited Company – A short Simple Guide

small trader vs limited company

Are you setting up a business and having the “sole trader vs limited company” mind battle? Then here is a short, simple guide to help you get it right.

VAT – Watch out for the Minefield in 2017

VAT Pounds

If your VAT is a headache it’s now set to get worse.

British firms owe close to £2.59 billion in unpaid VAT. What can you do if you are found to be owing?
Join us as we look at some of the alternatives – Pass Go do not go to Jail

Business Insurance – 4 Tips to Slash the Cost

Four simple actions will ensure that you get the best Insurance for your Small Business at the same time guaranteeing that you have the Cover you need. Many businesses don’t realise that over-insurance can be just as big a danger as under-insurance.
Find out how to ensure that you get it right.

How Small Business owners earn Extra cash as Uber Drivers

Uber Driver

Uber has had some bad press, but is it a good part-time or full-time earner? Find out if this could be a new career for yo and what does the future hold?

8 Lies you may have to tell about your Small Business

Small Business Lies

The Top Seven Lies told by Small Businesses. Are Small Businesses and Internet organisations prone to Exaggerate ? I take a look at some common claims that could drop a Small Business Right In It !

Redundancy and how to overcome it


Here’s some much needed help on how to get back on your feet after becoming redundant.

Check out what you can do to get earning again.

Small Business Owners Make it Happen in 2016

Make it Happen

I decided to spend some of my time looking for a New Year Resolution, for Small Businesess, that would really spark up a more profitable twelve months.

Over the Christmas period I spoke to no less than thirty-seven small business owners who are doing really well.
I asked them how come they were successful?

Working from Home – Infographic

working from home extract

Thinking of working from home – get all the information in one easy to understand image.