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Experienced Businessman with a passion for Small Businesses and Start-ups

or an Old Fart? – You decide:


Having been a sole trader in the early days of two different businesses and later starting as a Small Business, I’ve  had plenty of experience of what those who go it alone really go through.


Why Start ” Small Business Boss”?

A Goverment report revealed that despite most Micro Businesses ( less than 10 Employees) recognising that they needed advise or guidance, 800,000 had not taken any in the last 3 years.

In fact 82% of small businesses had not adopted anything new in the last 12 months. In a rapidly changing world this is a slow suicide.

I want to help Stop this

I think ther are three main reasons why small bsuiness dosen’t find more help:

  • They either can’t afford it or they think they can’t
  • They are embarased to let an outsider see their ” dirty Linnen”
  • They are happy to spend hour after hour trawling the net, unsucessfully, looking for answers.


Like yourself I have fought to make the right decisions and to ensure the success of my businesses over the last 20 years.

I know how hard it is to get impartial and accurate information quickly.

“Boss” is my answer to Small Business problems

It was because of this background that I wanted to pass on what I have learnt and to research the rapidly changing techniques and products that a sole trader must take advantage of.

A Year is a Long Time in Anything these days

Aston Martin DB9small

As a Sole Trader or owner you have one huge advantage over the big boys. OK they have the staff and access to the finance to outdo you in many areas but you have speed.

You can make changes overnight that a large business would take months to agree on, let alone implement.

You are as fast as a Grey hound, just like my Jake in the picture, you could even be a bit faster.

Jake decided to end his running career,before it had begun. As soon as the trap-gates opened for the first time he refused to go.

However he’s had a great life ever since and can still go like lightening. But only when it suits him.

Whatever you, do don’t lose your edge. Maximise  it, take advantage of it and use it.

And that’s where Small Business Boss comes in.

about usOur Background

Some years ago we started a organisation called “Set Up & Grow” which provided a wide range of business guides and information. This was a membership site for all types of small businesses.

I soon found out that the biggest need was for help and information for the businessman who works alone tackling every  aspect of business often on a small budget.

Having spent a lot of time traveling round networking to promote this business and listening to the needs of those who contacted us I came to a conclusion. Whilst there is a considerable demand for the specialised membership site and for detailed in depth coaching products there are a large number of entrepreneurs needing a ” lite” version.

I Know what I needed

I can well remember the early days of my businesses and how I struggled to find information on how best to tackle the numerous problems that I faced.

I needed to know what techniques, from the many available, would be most effective in resolving my problems. I also needed to know how to implement the chosen techniques and then, finally, which products /service providers were the ones for me. Quite a requirement.

Other people need the same ?

Whilst networking I listened to people who were new to business searching for strategies appropriate to their own situation to solve a wide variety of problems. In addition experienced owners and seasoned veterans were struggling  to keep up with and master the intricacies of new in technology and compliance issues. They were experienced enough to know that no business can afford to fall behind.

Our Solution

What Business Wants was set up to help business people to get the answers that they want in the shortest time possible and without it costing an arm and a leg.

So here it is. I hope that you like it. All we ask is that you give a little commitment by signing up for the regular news letter, joining in the Forum and using the links provide to look at any products /services that we have reviewed. It’s by some of these links that we pay our way, how else could you get all this for nothing.

Please enjoy your visits. I hope that you find the answers and help that you need. If not please let me know by email or through the Forum.

“Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well
informed just to be undecided about them.”
Laurence J. Peter