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Get Your Business cards to do you  Marketing

We all need cards

business card design 1Every business requires business cards. They are the cheapest and simplest way of giving someone something to remind them of what you do and how to contact you. A little later on we will be looking at the many things that you can do with your cards but for the time being please believe me when I say you will need them and you will need plenty of them.

It is possible to buy cards in quantities as low as a couple of hundred but this is a false economy. I would recommend that you order 1,000 cards as a minimum and that you get good quality ones.
With 1,000 or more cards you will feel good about spreading them around liberally which is just what you need to do. On the other hand with only a couple of hundred cards you will be tempted to turn into Mr Scrouge.

What type of cards

This will depend on the type of business that you are promoting and your business card design must reflect this. If you are dealing with businesses rather than the public then a respectable and fairly conventional card would probably be best. An exception to this would be if you are in a creative enterprise say marketing, web design or fashion where a more eccentric design would be quite acceptable.

Quality is primary. Often the cards is all people may have to judge you on and although some home printed cards can be quite professional I think for the small extra outlay professionally produced cards will almost always give a better impression. With cards available online you can  browse and chose in your spare time and also buy stationery and promotional goods at the same time. I will look at some of the top suppliers later.

Quality Counts

Always invest in good quality cards they may be the only thing prospective customers have to judge you by.
You will be able to find lots of samples to look at by visiting your local printer or browsing a recommended web site.

Years ago, I worked with a company selling to garages and engineering machine shops. My business cards, although accepted with enthusiasm, didn’t last very long. Greasy fingers and carbon in the air soon made them look a total mess. Cards had recently become available that were made of plastic plastic. They cost me a bit more but my cards lasted far longer and looked better than any competitors making them well worth the extra cost. So spend a little time considering  where your cards are going to end up.

Note how some of the more unusual shapes of card will help to remind people what you do, or just simply stand out from the rest. Where you can make your card both useful and informative then it will stay around longer, be used more often and bring more business.bus-card-3bus-cards-4Double Sided Cards

Double Sided Cards

Having gone to the  effort of getting a prospective customer to take one of your cards and to keep it safe somewhere, preferably on show, I think it is crazy not to make the most of it. That’s why I think a double sided card is a great asset. With one side taken up with conventional details you can use the reverse side to tell people more about what you do or stress your unique selling points. It’s effectively a little free advert, so make use of it, it won’t cost you much extra.

 Getting your cards printed

The first port of call for many small businesses is often their local print shop and there’s nothing wrong with that. However fro both choice and speed of service there are some online printers that I would recommend using. As many high street printers send away all but the simplest of print jobs you may even find that an on-line service is faster.

Beware the very large printers such as Vistaprint who will entice you in with incredible low prices but then to get from the offer card to what you want you will have to go through many up-sell stages and end up paying more than you originally intended. here are  a few well worth using:

Vista Print Vista Print


Supermarkets Own Brand

Yes that’s right we are considering supermarkets own brand of business cards.

This will be of interest to trades more than business service providers or manufacturers although I know of some service companies who have found that it really pays dividends to advertise in this way.

You will no doubt have noticed the boards that are mounted in supermarkets such as TESCO and ASDA and may have wondered how people’s business cards end up in there.

Well, if the supermarkets themselves are to be believed this is a great way of making your service or product known to the world of the weekly shopper.

ASDA for instance claim that the weekly ‘ footfall ‘ for one of their outlets is between 35,000 & 80,000 customers, so if you have a store offering this service in your area it may be worth considering displaying business cards there.

You will not be able to use your own business cards they will be provided by the people who handle the card service on behalf of the supermarket chain in question.

As you can see no quantities are given because the card holders will be refilled with your cards as soon as the level of cards begins to get low. This will be done for the duration of your use of this system.
Other ways distribute your business cards.

Here are a few ideas that will help to ensure that your cards get into the hands of people who will bring business to you.

Leave cards with your suppliers – they may put them on their counter or on a display board.

Use cards for Business Networking – more of this in a later report

Ensure that family and friends have an ample supply of your cards and that they know to give them out wherever and whenever they can.
You should say to them “I know that you don’t need these right now but just hang on to them until something crops up”.





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