Business Insurance – 4 Tips to Slash the Cost

Four simple actions will ensure that you get the best Insurance for your Small Business at the same time guaranteeing that you have the Cover you need. Many businesses don't realise that over-insurance can be just as big a danger as under-insurance.
Find out how to ensure that you get it right.

News Flash – Set Up and Grow changes to “Small Business Boss”

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Check this out With free content and  new format it's now - SMALL  BUSINESS BOSS Take a look at  

How to Avoid Bankruptcy – for Small Businesses


Ok! I'll explain that heading soon. First of all - in 2014 the Bank of England said that over 50% of business start-ups fail within the first five years.

Many make it past the " start-up" phase only to falter in trying to grow.

So it's vital that you know how to stop your small business growth ending in bankruptcy.

Sales Skills: for Small Business Owners

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All Small Business Owners must have Sales Skills. Here is the first article of easy to follow and even simpler to implement psycholgical sales strategies.

Car and Van Signs – Adverts on the move

Don't just drive from A to B make everyone along the way aware of who you are and what your business does. It's low cost advertising at it's best

Get your business cards seen

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Small Businesses and especially tradesmen can benefit from advertising in Local Supermarkets. Can this work for your Business or Start up ?

Business Networking – in the UK PDF in depth report

Business Networking may be the only technique that you ever need to bring new business and prospective clients.Here is everything you require to chose the network that best suits you and become a success at business networking.

Accounting for Business Startups

Choosing Your First Accounting System - Conventional Software or Cloud Accounting, which way is best? Watch out for the service & support charges.

How to Increase Earnings from your Small Business

Is your business ticking over but not quite giving you the life style that you want. Many business people have found that adding an extra line to their business can do the trick.
Will it work for you ? What is available ?