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int bus coah 1Internet Business Coaching 10 Questions to ask yourself

Put Your Business to the Test

Simply Answer the Following Questions – Honestly

1.     Does Business come to halt when your not there?

2.    Are you losing customers to the competition and want to reverse this trend?

3.    Do you Spend your time firefighting not developing the business?

4.    Are you working longer hours than your staff ?- work clever not long

5.    Is Cash flow poor and profit low (as percentage of turnover)?

6.    Is your motivation low – would rather stay in bed?

7.    Is your sales team ( may be just you )  under-performing?

8.    Do you have lots of information and plans for running your business but don’t know where to start?

9.    Do you need more leads / prospects?

10.  Is it hard to recruit good staff?

Plus a bonus point

11.  Are you sleeping badly? waking in a cold sweat, dreaming of bankruptcy, court orders etc

OK, its getting  bad

If you have answered yes to any of the above then coaching should be considered. The more yes answers that you get the more compelling the reason to find assistance. Where from ? one final question should sort that out:

Q.     Has your business got plenty of money to spend on one-to-one coaching from top professionals ?

If your answer is Yes

Go to Google and search for One-to-one business coaching in your area and be prepared to pay anything from £30.0/ to £200.00 per hour   for the help that you need.

If your answer is NO

Then Set Up and Grow is for you. Internet based coaching at a cost that any business can afford. You’ll find answers to  the above questions and many more in the wealth of material available to our members. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, in fact Privileged Membership costs less than a couple of drinks per week.



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