What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)

small business USP

What makes your Business stand out from the crowd ? Answer – your USP ( Unique Selling Point or Proposal ). It doesn’t matter if you are a start up or you have been trading for years here’s how to get a USP that will attract new prospects.

Internet Business Coaching

Take the Test.
Find out if your Business can benefit from Internet Based Coaching. Answer a few simple questions and put your business to the test.

Get your business cards seen

business cards tesco logo

Small Businesses and especially tradesmen can benefit from advertising in Local Supermarkets. Can this work for your Business or Start up ?

Business Networking – in the UK PDF in depth report

Business Networking may be the only technique that you ever need to bring new business and prospective clients.Here is everything you require to chose the network that best suits you and become a success at business networking.

Free Spreadsheets for Revenue and Expenses

Simple and Visible Analysis for Small Businesses

Here we have a couple of simple Spreadsheets free to our members.

Entrepreneur or not – test your personality?

Business Ideas

Does you Business Suit your Personality ?
If you are thinking of starting up a new business or have doubts as to the suitability of your existing enterprise check if you are the man for the job.

Motivation: Small business secret of success -Listen to Colin T Fisher

The most important key to the success and wealth of every small business is the motivation of its owner. Here Colin Fisher explains how The Law of Attraction can get you firing on all cylinders.

Small Businesses Budget Tips

Self employed tax calculator

All businesses need to budget, but it is particularly true of small businesses because margins are often tighter and there are usually less funds available to juggle with.

How to Increase Earnings from your Small Business

Is your business ticking over but not quite giving you the life style that you want. Many business people have found that adding an extra line to their business can do the trick.
Will it work for you ? What is available ?

Law of Attraction -Dreams into Reality

Is your dream to make a fortune or to live happiliy on your own desert island ? What ever you want Colin Fisher says that he can help you get it. Find out if his new book has the answer.